Feng Shui Tips

Never Hang Your Washing Out Overnight

Night energy is excessively yin so never hang your washing out to dry after dark. Your washing will absorb the yin energies of the night and upset your feng shui. Also, it is not advisable to bathe in water that has absorbed the energies of the night. It is far better to bathe in yang water.
Lillian Too’s ‘Little Book of Feng Shui’


Always Say No To The Last Piece

If you take the last piece of food on the plate or the last portion of cake, or clean up leftover morsels at the end of the meal, you are supposedly creating poverty energies. Resist that last mouthful....
Lillian Too’s ‘Little Book of Feng Shui’

Family photos
Keep things in Pairs 

If you want someone to share your life with, surround your personal space with objects and ornaments in pairs, such as ducks, butterflies or birds.
Lillian Too’s ‘Little Book of Feng Shui’

Feng Shui coins for attracting wealth and abundance.
Attracting Abundance

If you wish to expand the size of your TURNOVER feng shui Masters advise making use of old CHINESE COINS. These coins represent gold (the ancient representation of wealth and income), and their symbolism can be “tapped” to the advantage of your business. The method involves tying three old coins together with auspicious red thread and then sticking the coins on top of your invoice books and order books
Lillian Too’s ‘Little Book of Feng Shui’


From a feng shui standpoint, the three best energizers for any environment are plants, light, and moving water. Feng shui is based on the idea of giving and receiving. As you give positive energy to your surroundings, your intention is to receive energy in the form of health, wealth, success, and love. Since energy moves in a circular motion throughout each room, it misses the corners, and thus they become stagnant. Placing plants, lamps and water features in the corners immediately uplifts the energy and guides it into the circular rotation. This elevates the energy in the whole environment.

These energizers will stimulate, enhance, uplift and produce energy in your surroundings. If I could give only one piece of feng shui advice, I would recommend bringing as many energizers into your space as you can. You will immediately feel a sense of ease, balance, and harmony.
‘Feng Shui Your Life’ by Jayme Barrett


- Always have a bed head
- Push the head of your bed against the wall
- Sleep at least 18 ins/45 cm above the floor
- Never sleep facing away from the door – you should always be able to

   see the entrance
- Keep lighting low and soft
- Decorate with dark yin colors rather than light yang colors.

Lillian Too’s ‘Little Book of Feng Shui’

Children's Bedrooms

Inside the home, space becomes too yin when rooms are damp and cold. This usually happens when store rooms or unoccupied rooms are not properly maintained. Never allow rooms to stay dark, cold, and damp for long periods. It is never good feng shui for the home and the first to be affected are usually the children of the household....
Children’s rooms should have a good amount of yang energy. This is conducive to healthy growth and development. Paint the room in happy, bright colors. Install a music system or hang little chimes that make tinkling sounds.
Do not hang pictures or paintings of hostile faces or wild animals. The spirit of the predator is considered to be very real when symbols that depict it are present, so avoid such animals as tigers, leopards, and lions. The Tiger is especially to be feared. Feng shui always warns against hanging pictures of them inside the home. They are excellent when hung outside the home, but there are very few people who can take the tiger into the house.
Lillian Too’s ‘Little Book of Feng Shui’


Plants create effective Feng Shui energy in your office.

Plants In The Office For Auspicious Energy Flows

Plants in the office are one of the most effective feng shui energizers. This is because they are of the wood element, signifying growth. Artificial plants are as effective as the real thing, but dried plants are not encouraged. Place the plants in the east, southeast or south corners of your office for maximum feng shui effect.

Lillian Too’s ‘Little Book of Feng Shui’

Support From Behind

Tap the protective energies of strong and solid features such as hills or a large, tall structure by making certain they are at the back of your home. When there are trees or higher ground behind your home, you will enjoy the protection of the celestial turtle. When the higher ground is in front of your home, you are said to be confronting an immovable obstacle.
Lillian Too’s ‘Little Book of Feng Shui’

Bring In Fresh Air

At least once a week, open two windows in two different rooms to let fresh air sweep away any stale yin air in your rooms. It is a good idea to do this on a sunny day to bring in vibrant yang energy which attracts good fortune.
Lillian Too’s ‘Little Book of Feng Shui’

Curved Pathways Bring Better Luck

Any pathway that leads to your front door should meander, thereby slowing down the chi or cosmic energy that brings good fortune.
From Lillian Too's 'Little Book of Feng Shui'

Chipped coffee cup

Never Use Chipped Glasses or Crockery

You should never serve coffee or tea in a chipped cup, drinks in a chipped glass or pour from a jug with a broken rim. Drinking from a cup or glass which has even the tiniest flaw symbolically cuts the mouth or lip, affecting one’s speech. Crockery or glass in the home that is chipped or broken should be thrown away immediately.
From ‘Little Book of Feng Shui’ by Lillian Too

Tips On Hanging Family Portraits

Do not hang photographs of family members in the following places:
- Facing the toilet door
- Directly facing the front door
- In the basement
- Directly under a toilet on the floor above

'Little Book of Feng Shui' by Lillian Too

Music notes

Sounds of Delight

Sound vibration is very powerful. As sounds pass through your personal energy field, they can relax or stimulate you. They enhance your mood in many ways. You may play music for inspiration, to unwind, to create romance, or to facilitate learning. Soft music soothes your soul as you lie in the bath; a strong drumbeat invigorates your body as you wash your car. In the same way, pleasing sounds clam or energize your environment. These feng shui enhancements consist of wind chimes, bells, music, water fountains, nature sounds, and your own beautiful singing voice! Just the sound of birds chirping outside the window can uplift your mood. Additionally, you can play a CD with the sound of OM after an argument or clutter clearing session to “clear the air” and disintegrate negative energy. Discover the sounds or songs that enliven your spirit and play them regularly.
‘Feng Shui Your Life’ by Jayme Barrett

Feng Shui & Your Refrigerator

Main Door Taboos

The main door is the ‘mouth’ of the house. Its feng shui affects the entire household, so it should be sited carefully. If possible, ensure that it is:
- Not facing a toilet, staircase or mirror
- Not facing a pillar, the edge of two walls, or a protruding corner
- Not below a toilet on the floor above

Lillian Too’s ‘Little Book of Feng Shui’

Cat in a basket

Keep A Pet

Pets are especially good feng shui in homes that are left empty during the day. If the family are out working or at school, yin energy accumulates in the silence and stillness. This can be countered by the lively presence of a dog or cat or fish.
Lillian Too’s ‘Little Book of Feng Shui’

Use Mirrors To Enlarge Tight Corners

Large mirrors are excellent for enhancing the stale energy of a tight or cramped space. This is especially recommended for tiny halls or foyers. Place the mirror on a wall that does not face the door. Let the mirror create a feeling of space but do not let it reflect the door directly since this will cause all the good fortune to dissipate.

Lillian Too’s ‘Little Book of Feng Shui’

Look Out For Heaven And Devil Men 

Devil men are those who cause you heartache, harm you, or make you lose your temper. They are obnoxious and troublesome and should be avoided because they send negative energy your way.

Heaven men are usually helpful and kind and give you a guiding hand. Embrace them because they bring positive chi towards you.
Lillian Too’s ‘Little Book of Feng Shu'

Yin & Yang In the Cosmic Balance

All the energies of your personal space are in a constant state of flux. Yin and yang energies dance together continually - striving for the cosmic balance that brings harmony. Yin is cool and dark and lifeless. Yang is hot and bright and full of life. Keep these forces in harmony within your home and you will enjoy good luck.
From Lillian Too's 'Little Book of Feng Shui'

Handbag clutter

Mobile Clutter

As you know, people tend to accumulate clutter in their wallets, purses, and briefcases, which hinders personal feng shui. Throw out unnecessary receipts, trash, stale gum, hardened hand lotion, dried up pens, etc. Do not carry your money in dilapidated or dirty money holders. Your wallet should exude elegance and prosperity. In addition, organize papers, notepads, supplies, and your laptop computer in an orderly fashion in your briefcase. Write your career goals in red ink and place a copy inside your case to anchor them. To energize and multiply your riches, slip your paychecks into red envelopes for at least twenty-four hours before depositing them into your bank account. Always try to carry enough money in your wallet to promote a feeling of safety and abundance. I keep an imitation million dollar bill in my organizer and on my Wealth manifestation board at all times.
‘Feng Shui your life’ by Jayme Barrett

Do you have refrigerator pandemonium? Is the outside covered with photos, magnets, greeting cards, invitations, and flyers? If so, clear the clutter to relax the kitchen energy. A chaotic-looking refrigerator causes excessive stimulation and a feeling of being overwhelmed. In addition, you should remove pictures of family and friends to avoid infusing them with “frigid” energy. Feel free to hang a couple of colorful magnets or cards with inspiring quotes, but keep it simple. As for the inside, clean it often. This includes throwing out spoiled goods and organizing the food in colorful bowls and plastic ware; keep fruit and vegetables in clear glass containers so the natural color shines through. The refrigerator should emanate fresh, healthy energy and be filled with nourishing food.
‘Feng Shui your life’ by Jayme Barrett