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Peaceful rain forest waterfall for meditation
Healing Power of Mother Nature

Healing Power of Mother Nature Water amplifies energy, movement creates the flow of energy thus waterfalls, fountains, creeks and rivers are very powerful to meditate by. Find a quiet place by the water. Sit in a comfortable position facing the water, close your eyes and open yourself to receive the healing power of Mother Nature. Breathe in positive healing energy… breathe out negative toxic energy… Visit regularly to reap the benefits of ‘FREE’ healing from Mother Nature. In between or when needed, visualize yourself meditating by this tranquil waterfall. 10 minutes a day is all you need to start the path to healing.

Did You Know...

Did you know.....

Both Egyptian men and women wore makeup – eyepaint was usually green (made from copper) or black (made from lead). The Egyptians believed that the makeup had healing power. Originally the makeup was used as a protection from the sun – rather than for adornment.

Rich Egyptians wore wigs while the other classes would wear their hair long or in pig tails. Until 12, Egyptian boys had their heads shaved except for one plaited lock – this was as a protection against lice and fleas.

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Psychic Vampires

Some people are psychic vampires: They syphon off your energy and you feel completely incapacitated. Many of these people vibrate at low frequency levels. You can feel this low vibration, but you may not know what it is. Intuitively, you feel uncomfortable or anxious.

From 'Meditations with James Van Praagh'

Shield of Protection Meditation

To help with the previous post on psychic vampires (above):

A shield of protection meditation from 'Meditations with James Van Praagh'

Begin your meditation by grounding yourself. Enter you sanctuary and stand there. Visualize a small hand vacuum or a hose attached to a vacuum cleaner. Start at the top of your head and begin to vacuum away any images or feelings that are there. You can see all that energy going up the hose like dust. Vacuum your whole body. If your vacuum bag gets full, throw it out or blow it up, and get a new vacuum bag. Clean every spot in your energy field down to your feet. As you clear your space, you will begin to feel lighter and brighter. When you're finished, blow up your vacuum, and know that all the energy is disposed of and gone from you. Now imagine a wall of protection around you. This can be a shield of light around you or a glass box in which you place yourself. It can look like an invisible blanket or cloak of protective energy. Whatever it is, imagine that it is made of light and love. No one can penetrate your space unless you give him or her permission. You are always in control of your energy field. As you seal this light around you, focus your thoughts on love, so that what you send out to others will not harm or hurt them. Let only your love go out so that love will come back. 

The human aura showing the 7 Chakras.
The Human Aura

The human aura is a field of energy, encapsulating the body. It constantly ebbs and flows, is forever moving and changing moment by moment, expanding, contracting, and changing in intensity and vibrancy. Each individual’s aura is unique – in size, color, and quality; the aura of one person can be radically different from that of another. Rather than being a single energetic field around the body, the human aura consists of seven distinct layers. Healers and psychics who are highly sensitive to the different qualities of energy may be able to see or feel each of the layers separately. Even without this uncommon ability, having some understanding of the different roles that each level plays can give all of us greater insight into our lives, and into how our past can impact on our current health and well-being. The three layers closest to the physical body (Physical, Etheric, and Vital Auric Bodies) are the most readily “seen.” The energy of the layers further away from the body (Astral or Emotional Aura, Lower Mental Auric Body, Higher Mental Auric Body, Spiritual Auric Body) are less dense, making these layers more difficult to see and feel. Many psychics describe being able to perceive the energy of these layers, or being able to see them “in their mind’s eye” – sensing rather than physically seeing the layers.
From the book:
‘Auras and Chakras’
Harnessing the energy Within,
by Fiona Toy