What Is Negative Toxic Energy?

Have you ever wondered why you feel down or drained and exhausted after talking to someone?

Entered a room or place that feels like it has a stifling heaviness to it?

Have you felt tension in a room when you first walk in?

Or, felt down or depressed for no real reason or particularly after being with someone or somewhere?

This is what is called ‘negative, stagnant or toxic energy’. Negative, toxic energy lingers after it has been introduced to an area, room or even yourself. In the work place you may come into contact with many different energies through your workmates, customers, clients etc. At home it may be certain family members, friends or past occupants. This is the energy that will leave an imprint and attach itself to you such as psychic cords/ties. This is the energy that you want to cleanse yourself and your space of.

How to cleanse your environment of stagnant, negative, toxic energy?

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