Grounding Your Energy

Feel like you are not in control? Flighty? Spacey, brain fog? Light headed? Like you are not fully present? Easily distracted?

You need to reconnect to the earthly plane. Secure (pull) your soul back to the present moment…the here and now.

Gardening is one of my interests, my healing place, my grounding time. Time spent outside among Mother Nature is one of the most powerful healing tools and readily available to you. You could be simply watering, weeding, planting, admiring to get your fix…to ground you. Local parks are great for this if you don’t have a garden, also walking helps but you need to pay attention to what is around you and not on your phone or listening to music…be in the moment.

Sit for a moment, feel the soft breeze on your face as though Mother Nature is gently touching your cheek saying “It’s ok I’m here…” Take a deep breath of the fresh clean air and feel yourself relax into a relieved state as you receive the healing you need. Visualize spiritual roots flowing through your feet into the earth, (it’s better to do this bare-footed but if not footwear is fine) spreading out to connect with the trees, flowers and plants around you. Feel the energy coming up into your body via these roots, grounding you, nourishing your soul. Each time you inhale, more of nature’s energy flows up into your body. Exhale toxic energy into the universe to release what no longer serves your highest good. Take as long as you need as this is your grounding/healing time.

You don’t need do to this for hours, as little as 10 minutes can make a difference. This form of meditation will become more beneficial the more it is practiced, and it will be easier to go into this meditative state each time.

Technology is a big block to our spirituality, white noise hindering our connection to Mother Nature on a spiritual level. So please leave your mobile device inside while you take a moment to clearly connect.

Admire the simplest of flowers, watch insects go about their daily routine, watch the breeze tickling the leaves in the trees around you, the plant cycle of current the season…the amazing will for survival.

By just being aware of Mother Nature in all her beauty you are connecting to her vast resources on a spiritual level and this is what is most important.

Tropical Rainforest, Queensland, Australia

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