Welcoming New Belongings Into Your Home

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Have you ever purchased or inherited preloved items, for example; furniture, jewellery, clothing, etc? Did you know that inanimate objects carry the energy of their previous owner/s? Even new items carry the energy of the people who have handled it prior to you receiving it.

This energy consists of an imprint of residual emotions/feelings left behind from those people who have come into contact with your item. This is an unconscious action with everything we touch. Think of it as leaving finger prints on an object that remains until it is washed or cleansed away.

Some examples of what happens when residual energy is left on an object can be: You inherited a ring from your grandmother who may have suffered depression or was a negative person. Every time you wear her ring you suddenly feel down and your happy mood declines.

Residual energy can also have the opposite affect: You move into a new home and you feel happy to be there, the house feels warm and inviting, your home makes you feel good. You find out the previous owners were happy, positive people.

I was recently gifted a lounge suite, I never got to meet the original owners but the suite felt like it had a nice harmonious energy. I still cleansed the suite to purify all residual energy so this preloved suite is now ready to inherit the peaceful energy from my family.

So what do you do with this residual energy?

You can cleanse the energy from the past and welcome your new item into your home/life and bless it ready for it’s new life ahead.

Here are some basic cleansing tips:

-If it is an object that can be washed, give it a good wash or thorough wipe down.

-Smudge it with a smudge stick or incense.

-Allow it to sit in the sun or out on the ground (back to nature) for a time length you feel is appropriate.

-Say a prayer or blessing as you cleanse the object.

Here is an example of a blessing you can use:

I give gratitude to the past,

The owners gone by.

I release your energy attached,

I bid you goodbye.

I give blessings to this _____ (say the item you’re cleansing)

And give it new life.

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

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