Everyone has an equal opportunity to receive the ever-flowing bounty Heaven continuously provides. Yet, we can unknowingly put up blocks on our path to abundance. If money worries are blocking you form the path of greater well-being and happiness, this 44-card deck and accompanying guidebook will allow you to identify, heal, and remove them.

The Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue offer you guidance from the specialty angels who ensure that your mission here on Earth isn't hampered by lack. The Angels of Abundance wish to help you manifest support for your earthly needs, life purpose, and charitable giving . . . so you can enjoy the blessings that are your Divine birthright!


Measuring 9.6cm long, 13.5cm high and 3.2cm wide boxed and sealed. 


The open deck of cards is my own personal deck.


*The plastic seal may come away or tear during production and warehouse storage.

**Photos are the property of Purely Therapeutic and are not to be used without our consent.


***Doreen Virtue decks are no longer in print and are now a collectors item.

Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Grant Virtue