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The Feng Shui Coin is the bearer of harmony, serenity and good luck to all those who possess it. The Feng Shui Coin is also considered to be a powerful symbol used to fight off negative energy such as; diseases, physical harm and bad luck.


According to Feng Shui beliefs bells are believed to gently move and cleanse negative energy with sound vibration that resonates from the bells.


Made from 3 strands of intertwined waxed cotton threaded with bells, Feng Shui Coins and small coloured glass beads.


The anklet measures approximately 34.5-35.5cm in entire length. Length may vary slightly as they are handmade.


*Please take appropriate measurements of your wrist or ankle to ensure a comfortable fit. Some of the small glass seed beads may vary in colour to what is in the picture.

Bells and Feng Shui Coin Anklet-Green

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