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Celestite is the stone of the divine realms. Great for spiritual development, advancement and reaching angelic and spiritual realms. It cleanses and heals the aura, maintains deep peace in times of stress.


Use for dream recall and astral travel, manifestation, creativity. Brings good fortune.

Celestite assists in finding peaceful ground in turbulent/dysfunctional relationships.

Used in balancing mental dysfunctions, to bring harmony and hope.

Birthstone of: Gemini.


Chakra: Crown or as appropriate.


Measuring approximately: 4.3cm long x 3.3cm wide x 3.8cm high.


*You will be receiving the exact piece of Celestite pictured.

Please note color may vary due to device.

**All photos of our products are the property of Purely Therapeutic and are not permitted to be used without our consent.

Celestite Cluster (B)

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