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Spell candles are used to enhance the manifestation and outcome of a spell or ritual. 


Each Candle's Colour Represents...

White~Enlightenment, Healing, Peace, Purity, Crown Chakra. Can be a substitute for another color.


Purple~Spirituality, Inner Harmony, Wisdom, Third-Eye Chakra


Blue~Wisdom, Inspiration, Truth, Healing, Honors Lunar Dieties, Throat Chakra


Green~Love, Nature, Renewal, Abundance, Heart Chakra


Yellow~Communication, Concentration, Solar Plexus Chakra


Orange~Attraction, Strength, Luck, Sacral Chakra


Red~Sexuality, Courage, Passion, Base/Root Chakra


Pink~Love, Harmony, Family, Affection


Black~Conclusions, Banishes Guilt, Regret, Negativity, Grounding, Earth Star


These wish candles are approximately 10cm tall x 1.2cm wide x 4.5cm in circumference and have a burn time of approximately 2+ hours.

Chakra Spell Ritual Candles~Set of 9 (Multi Colour)

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