*A current photo, a question or topic is to be sent to: purelytherapeutic@bigpond.com once purchased.


Our guides and guardian angels are always by our sides. They are waiting for you to ask for help or guidance, for that is when they can step up and start helping you in all the ways that they can. See the messages they have for you that you need to know right now in the present.


The cards used are ‘Daily Guidance from your Angels' by Doreen Virtue

Guidance from your Angels Card Reading

  • To do the online reading I will require the following:

    - A current photograph of yourself (please email this to us at: purelytherapeutic@bigpond.com)

    - The email address you would like your reading emailed to

    - A topic or question you are concerned about (optional)

    To do my readings I connect to your energy through your photo as these readings are only done online. I ask for assistance from my guides and the angels above, then choose 3 cards. I intuitively add any further messages that may come through for you at the end of the card reading. I also email a photo of your cards chosen.

    *Please read this disclaimer thoroughly prior to purchasing your reading;

    The reader will connect with you for the reading and by 'asking' for the reading you have given permission for the reader to read for you.

    It is immoral for the reader to do a reading for someone who has not asked for the reading to be done for them.

    A reading is not to be considered or taken as professional advice.

    Readings are intended to give guidance at the present time of the reading and taken lightly and will only have significant meaning to the person being read for.

    Each individuals path/journey is their own and we cannot control or be accountable as to which direction this takes, ONLY YOU have that control.

    Your reading will be emailed to you (you will need to supply your email address in the message box upon purchase).

    We will book your reading in WITHIN 2 days from date of payment.

    If we do not receive a photo of you within 2 days from date of payment we will refund you the cost of your reading minus administration fees of $5.00

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