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Representing each Chakra are colours, symbols and a Lotus Flower with petals open in accordance to each Chakra, as presented on the flag.


Lotus Flower Chakra Flags are a must to hang in any healing room or anywhere you wish to bring balance and harmony.


There are 7 major energy centres in the human body called Chakras.

These energy centres within us need to be balanced in order for us to function at our utmost best; mind, body and spirit.


Measuring approx. 155cm in length (from top of scroll rod to bottom of flag) x 35cm wide. Handmade in Bali from cotton.


*This item is handmade and screen printed, therefore each flag is unique and may have some very minor imperfections which add to their beauty, this is not a production line item.

Lotus Flower Chakra Flag-Green

$26.50 Regular Price
$19.95Sale Price
Excluding GST

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