Suitable for; pendulums, gemstones, jewellery or herbs, the uses are endless!
Hand made by Purely Therapeutic in a range of velvet colours!


37 colours to choose from.


Australian made from velvet with drawstring closure.


Measuring approx. 9cm x 12cm.


Pictures shows colour variety available, last picture shows example of complete item.


Cord may vary slightly due to availability. Colors may vary due to mobile devices. Velvet colors are subject to availability.


Colours are as follows (in accordance to pictures) from left to right:


1. Pink Powder 2. Lolly Pink 2.1 Pink 3. Hot Pink 4. Dusty Pink 5. Red 6. Soft Red 7. Burgundy Red 8. Pale Yellow 9. Yellow 10. Bright Yellow 11. Gold 12. Avocado Green 13. Olive Green 14. Dark Green 15. Sea Green 16. Blue/Green 17. Forest Green 18. Powder Blue 19. Aqua 20. Sky Blue 21. Bright Blue

22. Medium Blue 23. Dark Blue 24. Metallic Purple 25. Lavender Purple 26. Purple 27. Royal Purple 28. Dark Purple 29. Sunset Orange 30 & 31. Tye Dye(colors may vary from photo) 32. Orange 33. White 34. Brown 35. Gray

36. Dark Gray 37. Black


*When purchasing please specify the colour of your choice. For example: Number 19. Aqua


**This listing is for 1 pouch only unless you wish to purchase multiple pouches.


***Due to mobile devices colors may vary slightly

Medium Velvet Pouch