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Native Soul/Tribal  Incense Smudge Sticks are designed to smudge your home and self but in a more compact and easy to use way.


This set of 3 incense smudge sticks contains:

1x Box of White Sage & Dragon's Blood

1x Box of Palo Santo & Copal

1x Box of White Sage & Palo Santo


Designed to smudge your home and self just as you would using a White Sage Smudge Stick, a stick of Palo Santo or Dragon's Blood resin.


White Sage, a plant from the mint family, has been used for centuries by the Native Americans for their purification ceremonies and healing sessions. It is believed that burning its dry leaves, bundled into smudge sticks, cleanses a space, person or object of all evil spirits or negative energies.


Dragon's Blood, used to drive away negative energies and create a protection barrier. This bright red resin, produced by different species of trees, bubbles red like blood when heated. The fresh earthy aroma of White Sage blends perfectly in this incense with the warm amber notes of Dragon's Blood, setting a calming mood and restoring balance to the mind and body.


Copal, enhances concentration and brings peace and harmony. It is a resin, once considered as sacred by Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico and Central America.


Palo Santo, provides the perfect environment for meditation. It is the holy wood  from a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America. 

Hand rolled in India. The packet is approximately 15g and contains up to approximately 11 sticks of incense (quantity of sticks may vary as this product is based on weight when packaged not quantity).


Packet measures approximately 23cm in length x 2.2cm high.

*These items are incense sticks..

Native Soul Incense Pack of 3

Excluding GST
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