The Protection Pentagram is a symbol of protection for your home, office, sacred space. The five points of the star represent: spirit, air, earth, water and fire, bringing all the elements into power to work for you. 


The ravens head represents knowledge of the old, magic, able to move between the spirit realms, a messenger.


The broom represents the wiccan sisterhood.


Rosemary for protection and the clear quartz gemstone is an amplifier.


A protection talisman pouch. Feathers for freedom.

Lovingly handmade and designed by Purely Therapeutic.


Measuring approximately: 20cm in length, 24cm in height (including loop) and 3-4cm in width.


*Please note all herbs are bound fresh, photos are taken during the natural drying process. Herbs will be completely dried when your pentagram reaches you.


**All photos, descriptions/text in listings and products are copyrighted to Purely Therapeutic and are NOT be used without our permission. 

Protection Pentagram - Ravens Call