'Pure Energy' Raw Clear Quartz Gemstone Pack | Purely Therapeutic
8 raw Clear Quartz points plus pouch!
Whether you are new to gemstones and just starting out or an experienced collector/user, this 'Pure Energy' Quartz set is perfect for you.

'Pure Energy' Raw Clear Quartz Gemstone Pack

$9.95 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price
  • The set is presented in a clear plastic case which contains: 8 raw Rock (Clear) Quartz points, a black velvet drawstring pouch and brief information about Rock Quartz, cleansing and using the Rock Quartz points.


    These points can also be used by experienced crystal healers for grids, healings, to wear, meditation, etc. The plastic pack measures 8cm wide x 12cm long. The black pouch measures approximately 5.3cm wide x 7.5cm long. The Rock Quartz points vary in size from approximately 2.5cm-3cm long.


    *The Rock Quartz points in each pack will vary in size/length/width as they are a natural formation from the earth, hence approximate measurements.

Greenbank, QLD | Australia

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