Hematite is an earthy stone used for grounding and protecting the physical and astral bodies. It harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. Hematite is a stone for the mind, assisting in mental processes. Used to balance yin-yang energies and assists in a higher meditative state.

Rainbow Hematite reminds us to find joy and magic in life. Brings calm, joy and peace to the beholder.

Used in the treatment of circulatory and nervous system disorders and to heal breaks and fractures.

Birthstone of: Aries, Aquarius.

Chakra: Base.


Measuring approximately 10cm in length, 6cm in width and 3cm in height.


*The gemstone piece pictured is the exact piece you will be receiving.

Please refer to picture of gemstones held in hand as a guide for visual size.


Rainbow Hematite


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