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Sodalite assists in enhancing self-esteem, unites logic with intuition, deepens meditation, truth, idealism, brings information from the higher mind down to the physical level, helps to block electromagnetic emanations, stimulates trust and companionship, encourages rational thought and objectivity, calms panic attacks. Excellent stone for use in groups.

Great to use for insomnia and digestive disorders.

Birthstone of: Virgo, Sagittarius.

Chakra: As appropriate, can be worn for long periods of time.


The crystal chips are approximately 0.5cm in length, but will vary in size (smaller or larger) as they are a natural formation.


*You will be receiving the crystal chips only, the sack is NOT included, display only.

View picture 2 for sizing in the hand.

Sodalite Crystal Chips 100g

Excluding GST
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