The Triquetra or also known as the Trinity Knot is the Pagan Celtic symbol representing the natural forces: earth, air, and water. On a more spiritual level, it has also been known to symbolize life, death, and rebirth.

In Christian beliefs the three points represent the three elements of the trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost).

Triquetra Brass Incense Cone Charcoal Resin Holder

  • Simply place an incense cone or charcoal tablet in the centre of the burner, light the cone or tablet with resin. Also makes a gorgeous decoration.


    Measuring 17.5cm high x 6cm long and 6cm wide.


    *Additional accessories in pictures are NOT INCLUDED but can be purchased from our store. Incense cones Charcoal tablets (3 Kings) (Swift-Lite) Resin

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