Unicorns, those magical and mystical creatures of pure energy, stand ready to help and guide you in this beautiful deck of 44 cards.  Each one features a unique unicorn illustration by Damian Keenan and a message from Diana Cooper.
In-depth guidance, and an affirmation for each card, is presented in a 28-page booklet. Use the cards and booklet to guide and help you as you enjoy the beautiful images of these amazing creatures.
Unicorns remind us of who we truly are.  While angels work through the heart, unicorns work with the soul.
Their horn can be likened to a magic wand, pouring out divine energy.  Wherever they direct this light, healing takes place.  This is not just physical and emotional healing but also soul healing.  They dissolve and heal the deepest, most profound wounds of the soul, which may have plagued you for many lifetimes. If you are ready the unicorns can help you clear all karma, whether personal, family or country related. You must call on them to help...


Measuring 10.2cm long, 14.5cm high and 3cm wide boxed and sealed.


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Unicorn Cards


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