Perfect to secure small precious valuables such as; small gemstones, rings, earrings, herbs, etc.


This white velvet personal tie on pouch is a unique idea for those who like to wear their gemstones close to their body/chakras.


Instead of tirelessly attempting to keep your gemstone tucked into undergarments (bras, etc.) this pouch is designed to be tied on to undergarments, jeans/belt loops or where ever you prefer with your gemstone inside, keeping it close to you.


Measures approximately 4cm x 4cm. Only comes in white velvet. The tie on lace is a soft satin type of cord making it easy to untie if you choose to use a basic knot to gently secure your precious gemstone (or goods).


Hand made by Purely Therapeutic

Velvet Tie On Personal Pouch


    Greenbank, QLD | Australia

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