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This Apothecary Variety Pack of 10 is the perfect addition to any Wicca Witch's herbs collection!

The pack comes with 10 glass bottles filled with an assortment of herbs, each selected specifically for their magical properties, for your spells and rituals. Plus, you'll get information on how to use each herb for its magical properties. Get your Apothecary Variety Pack of 10 now and start unlocking the power of each herb.


Bottles are glass with a cork stopper. A bottle measures approximately 5cm high.




Additional accessories are NOT included.

Apothecary Variety Pack of 10

Excluding GST
  • The cork stopper will be placed lightly on the vial due to cork being quite soft and can break apart if placed on too tightly, making it difficult to remove. When placing your cork stopper back into your vial after use please DO NOT push it all the way into the vial.

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