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Aventurine is a gemstone for the heart, to heal, to nurture, to love greater than ever before. Aventurine is a stone of great harmony and balance, it dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. Balances the male/female energies, emotions, physical and auric bodies. Carry an Aventurine with you throughtout the day to be more beneficial.

Used to treat disorders of the mind, heart, adrenal glands and lungs.

Birthstone of: Aries, Libra.
Chakra: Heart.

Aventurine Gemstone

Excluding GST
  • Measuring approximately 2.5-3cm in length at longest point.


    The gemstone you receive will be of varying size/shape/colour to the gemstones pictured as each piece is unique in natural colouring/markings/size/shape.


    Please refer to picture of gemstones held in hand as a guide for visual size.


    The price for this item is for 1 gemstone only. BUY IN BULK TO SAVE ON POSTAGE!!

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