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Goldstone assists in uplifting the spirits of one's mood and is associated with the sun...vitality and energy. Blue Goldstone deflects unwanted energy, brings confidence and ambition. Blue Goldstone is manmade from silica (glass) and copper flecks which give Goldstone it's glittery look.


Measuring approximately 2.5cm in length, 1cm in width and 2cm in height.


*You will be receiving 1 gemstone, not all the gemstones shown in the pictures. The gemstone you receive will be of varying size/shape/colour to the gemstones pictured as each piece is unique in natural colouring/markings/size/shape.


Please refer to picture of gemstones held in hand as a guide for visual size.


**All photos, descriptions/text in listings are copyrighted to Purely Therapeutic on all websites and are NOT be used without our permission.

Blue Goldstone Gemstone Large

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