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A peaceful reminder is given on this inspirational quote scroll. Encouragement and enlightenment can be accomplished when viewing an inspirational quote on a daily basis. A symbol is printed on the scroll along with the positive quote.


An inspirational quote scroll is a must to hang in any healing room or anywhere you wish to bring balance, harmony and positive energy. 


The way to happiness is;

keep your heart free from hate,

your mind from worry.

Live simply, give much.

Fill your life with love.

Do as you would be done by




Fabric scroll alone measures approx.  113.5cm long (from top of wooden scroll to bottom of flag) x 40cm wide. 


The entire length measures approx.: 134.5-135cm


Made in Bali


*Flags are handmade and will vary in size as stated above. They may also have some imperfections as they are not a production line item.

Buddha Inspirational Wall Scroll - Earth Moss

Excluding GST
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