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By using these gemstones in accordance to their energy centre, therapeutic healing energy is emitted from the gemstones bringing and restoring balance to your mind, body and spirit. 

Chakra Healing Gemstone Pack

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  • There 7 major Chakra centres within the human body.


    Healing gemstones have been selected to create this healing gemstone pack, complete with black velvet pouch, instructions/information on how to use the gemstones, about the Chakra energy centres and information about each gemstone type.


    The gemstones selected in accordance to each Chakra are: Amethyst~Crown Chakra

    Rock Crystal (Clear Quartz)~Forehead/Third Eye Chakra Chalcedon~Neck/Throat Chakra

    Rose Quartz~Heart Chakra

    Calcite~Solar Plexus Chakra

    Carneol (Carnelian)~Navel/Sacral Chakra

    Red Jasper~Root/Base Chakra


    This Chakra healing pack will be a powerful addition to your Reiki/spiritual healings or meditation, due to the therapeutic energy of the gemstones.


    The pouch measures approximately 7cm long x 5.5cm wide. This healing pack comes packaged (see inset right in main picture) with entire pack measuring approximately 12cm long x 8cm wide.


    *Each gemstone will differ in size, shape and clarity quality as they are a natural polished gemstone and each will be have it's own individual and unique markings/lines, inclusions within and size variation.

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