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We have put together a Chakra healing pack to assist you in finding out which of your Chakras need healing and then how to begin healing and balancing your Chakras for holistic well-being.


Your pack contains:

1x Blue Mandala Wicca Bag (measures approx. 18cm x 16cm, excluding shoulder strap)

1x 7 Chakras Resin Blend

1x Soex Charcoal Blocks (10 pk)

1x Set of Chakra Coloured Spell Candles

1x Set of Chakra Gemstones

1x Chakra Pendulum

1x 7 Chakra Incense (20 Sticks)

1x Chakra Gemstone Adjustable Necklace

1x Basic Instructions on how to use this pack (Instructions are not replaceable or sold separately)

Chakra Healing Pack

Excluding GST
  • Color may vary slightly due to mobile devices

    **All photos and videos of our products are the property of Purely Therapeutic and are not permitted to be used without our consent.

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