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Our herbal blends have been added to each candle for use in spell work or to use on their own using your intent and their energy.


Each candle blend is hand ground, rolled and dipped by us, Purely Therapeutic.

The set comes with information on what each candle is used for.


White for all areas of enlightenment, spirituality

Pink for matters of the heart and friendship

Purple for healing on all levels; mind, body and soul

Blue for harmony and inspiration

Black for protection and banishing

Orange for wealth and abundance

Green for family matters, fertility and new endeavours


These wish candles are approximately 10cm tall x 1.2cm wide x 4.5cm in circumference and have a burn time of approximately 1 hour (burn time will differ in accordance to each herbal blend).


*Accessories not included

Herbal Spell Ritual Candles~Set of 7

Excluding GST
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