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Nickel, lead and cadmium free and hypo-allergenic. Rhodium plated to protect from tarnishing!


Bring positive energy into your every day life with these affirmation poetry bracelets. Words to remind and inspire you and keep you focused on who you are/where you are going and what you desire in your life.


They make an ideal gift for yourself, to remind someone of the positive side of life, to say thank you or just because you care. Wear them daily so you can see them as a constant reminder to have greater impact in your life and on those around you.


The affirmation/poem is also inscripted along the inner edge of the bracelet. ~~~~~~~


We have 3 inspirational affirmations/poems available:

Love..where there is love there is life. the life you have imagined.

Shine..We are all stars and deserve to twinkle ~~~~~~~


Measuring approximately 6.7cm in diameter (measurement from inner edge).


Please take the appropriate measurements to ensure bracelet fits over your hand.

Inspirational Affirmation Poetry Bangle

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