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Rosemary is a herb that has been used throughout the ages not only for cooking but for other medicinal and magick ways.


Your Rosemary pack comes complete with:

-a pentagram velvet zip purse

-instructions/information about your pack and it's uses(Instructions are not replaceable or sold separately)

-a handmade adjustable necklace with a glass vial pendant for you to wear

-Rosemary incense (15g pack, approx. 15 sticks) for clearing, cleansing and purifying your space

-a glass vial of Rosemary to use in your everyday life

-a handmade sleep satchet to place under your pillow


Your Rosemary pack will assist in memory enhancement for study/exams/recall, for spell/healing/meditation work, to protect and ward off ill-wishing, negativity and nightmares, for love, luck and lust.


The pouch measures approximately 13cm long x 11cm wide with a zip closure.


*Your sleep sachet may lose some Rosemary herbal dust. If you do not want this on your bed linen please wrap it in a tissue. This way you can still enjoy the aroma and affects of the sleep satchet.


**All photos of our products are the property of Purely Therapeutic and are not permitted to be used without our consent.

Rosemary Pack Orange

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