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A set of 2 complimenting 'Sacred Elements' incenses are the perfect duo for your healing or sacred space.


1x Box of Spiritual Healing; Spiritual Healing incense is a blend of herbs, resins and oils developed for enriching the mind with positive energy. Use this incense for meditation and healing.


1x Box of Sacred Space; Learn to trust yourself with Sacred Space incense sticks which have uplifting and refreshing aroma. Burning these sticks will stimulate and generate the extra energy one often needs at low points during the regular life cycle. These incense sticks are recommended to be burnt at your office and home.


Hand rolled in India. The packet is approximately 15g and contains up to approximately 11 sticks of incense (quantity of sticks may vary as this product is based on weight when packaged not quantity).


Packet measures approximately 21.5cm in length.

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Set of 2-Spiritual Healing & Sacred Space Incense

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