We all like to make wishes, and some of us, spells, now you can give more power to your wishes/spells with these 'Wish Candles.'


Yellow~Communication, Concentration, Solar Plexus Chakra

Set of 9 Yellow Wish Spell Ritual Candles

  • These wish candles are approximately 12.5cm tall x .9cm wide x 3cm in circumference and have a burn time of approximately 2 hours. These candles have a lovely natural hand made finish to them and will not look smooth like a production line item and will not be consistent in individual color.


    How to Make/Do a Wish/Spell/Ritual (Basic Guidelines)

    ~ Simply light a candle appropriate for your need

    ~ With clear intent, put forth your wish into the candle's flame

    ~ As the candle burns, your wish transcends up and into the universe

    ~ Allow the candle to completely burn out sealing your wish


    Yellow~Communication, Concentration, Solar Plexus Chakra

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