5 Things Dream Catcher Owners Should Know

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

We hear many versions of what a dream catcher represents and how they should be used, but did you know these 5 things?

What does the dream catcher actually represent?

The web in a dream catcher represents spider in animal medicine. Spider weaves the web of life within what can be known as the circle of life. This is also known as the web of fate, which can also be seen as the wheel of life. The web brings creativity for change and life decisions.

The dream catcher is also a talisman of protection as it protects the sleeping person from bad dreams and thoughts whilst they sleep.


But how do they work?

It is said the Native Americans believed that the night air is filled with good and bad dreams, thoughts and spiritual messages. These get caught in the web and as the morning sun shines on the dream catcher, the bad dreams disappear or evaporate in the presence of the sun, whilst the good dreams, thoughts and spiritual messages are received when they come through the dream catcher and slide down the feathers to the sleeping person.


The power of personalizing your dream catcher

Your dream catcher should be personalized by decorating it with sacred meaningful items to you...feathers, bones, shells, beads etc.

The greater the bond with your dream catcher the more powerful it becomes.

Cleanse each item as you place or add it to your dream catcher. Alternatively, you can do a complete and thorough cleanse once you are finished personalizing.


The importance of cleansing and recharging

Cleansing, or alternatively known as smudging your dream catcher is a very important process of clearing it of stagnant, negative or stale energy.

Imagine if you never watered or fertilised your plants? Would they thrive and look unhealthy and sick? Naturally, yes. Remember, everything we touch or become attached to carries our energy. The energy of each mood you are in will be absorbed by the environment, people and objects around you.

To keep this energy positive and full of life, it is important to cleanse/smudge and recharge your dream catcher as you would your crystals or home.

Good vibes means good dreams!


How do you cleanse a dream catcher?

Hang your dream catcher outside in a breeze (from the clothes line or a tree) for as long as you feel necessary and as often as you feel necessary.

You can also harness the energy of the moon as an alternative cleansing method or in the smoke of a White Sage smudge stick. Resin or Rosemary will work equally as well as a smudge stick.

Laying your dream catcher on a cluster of Citrine or Amethyst will also have the same effect.

May the bond between you and your dream catcher be as powerful and positive as your thoughts!

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