What Is Smudging or Clearing and How Is It Done?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Hand holding a White Sage smudge stick in nature

Many people often ask us, 'what do you mean by cleansing or smudging and how do you do that?'

So, let's first establish that cleansing, clearing or smudging can be referred to as one and the same action.

Smudging is very beneficial to clear your space of stagnant, negative, toxic energies.

Incense is great for regular smudging and clearing as it can be burnt daily or as regular as you feel necessary. You can also light multiple sticks within your home (depending on the size of your house) or move a stick around from room to room ensuring each room has had what you feel to be sufficient time or smoke in order to cleanse. For best results it is recommended to leave windows open as some people believe this helps the negative energy to leave the home and also makes the incense smoke and smell less intense on the nose.

Cleansing/smudging with incense can be a lot quicker if you are 'time poor'. To smudge yourself, simply fan the smoke of an incense stick or smudge stick around your body. Some people say positive affirmations or think positive thoughts as they do this, it is an individual and unique experience for everyone and we all do this differently, there is no right or wrong way so long as your intentions are pure and for your highest good.

Using a smudge stick for cleansing your home is something I would recommend doing weekly, monthly or seasonally, but is entirely up to the person doing the smudging. Do this as often as you feel necessary. When using a smudge stick open all windows, begin at your front door and go from room to room fanning the smoke from each doorway, across to each corner of the room and then back to the doorway (basically go around the perimeter of each room). Continue this process until you have returned back the starting point being your front door. If you feel only one room needs to be cleansed then only do that room using the technique as stated above. Using a smudge stick is a little more time consuming and some people can say affirmations, prayers or incantations as they go from room to room as well or have a ritual as they go through the process that is suitable for them.

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