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Alicia Parrish
Mediumship Reading

Alicia Parrish Medium Purely Therapeutic

Experience Profound Mediumship Readings: Alicia Opens a Gateway to the Spirit World!

Welcome to Alicia's sacred mediumship reading, where the veil between worlds is lifted, and communication with departed souls becomes possible.


Alicia possesses a rare gift, serving as a compassionate bridge between the living and the afterlife. In this tender and profound experience, she brings forth messages from your loved ones who have crossed over, offering you solace, healing, and closure.


Alicia's mediumship reading provides a profound, as well as deep sense of connection and reassurance. As she channels the energy and essence of those who have passed,

messages of love, guidance, and support come through strongly. Allowing her to touch your heart and soul with her unique ability, bringing you comfort and understanding as you connect with the spiritual realm and experience the profound beauty of eternal love and connection.

Let’s Work Together

To book a reading or contact Alicia for further information-

Email Alicia directly: 

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