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Kasia Michalak
Soul to Soul Readings

Kasia Michalak

A Soul to Soul reading is a process of blending my soul with yours in the space of the heart (unconditional love and safety) and the higher self, where, with your consent, I meet with your Guides, whom I connect with by Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairalience. They share "messages" with me which are aimed at getting to know and understand your true self at the deepest level. Our soul to soul connection is also aimed at releasing ancestral, karmic or energy blockages but most importantly you will find clarity and healing around an issue in your life.


Soul Reading can be a tool to explore your inner world and gain insights that may assist you on your spiritual journey. Find out what "My Soul" plan is, what it needs to implement it and to establish a strong bond with the Soul, which gives emotional and spiritual balance. The soul will give you everything you need to improve the quality of

your life and bring out your best potential. Ultimately, the goal of a soul reading is your personal growth and self-discovery.

The session can be divided into several parts:

⦁ what brings you to me - we will focus on your challenges and form questions to your Guides

⦁ blending of our souls in the space of the heart - I will communicate everything I see, hear and feel

⦁ discussion of the "messages" shown so that they are understood and received as best as possible

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Let’s Work Together

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