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Kasia Michalak
Trance Mediumship

Kasia Michalak Trance Medium Purely Therapeutic

Trance Mediumship and its healing aspects

In a world where science often demands empirical evidence, there exists a fascinating, enigmatic realm that dances on the boundaries of the seen and unseen. Trance mediumship, its practice rooted in spirituality and metaphysics, offers a unique path to healing and understanding. At its core, it's the art of connecting with the spiritual plane, where the living converse with the departed, and healing transcends the physical.

Trance mediumship begins with an altered state of consciousness. Through various methods, I lower my mental barrier to connect with the ethereal. In this state, I become conduit for messages and energies from the spirit world. It's like opening a cosmic

door, inviting wisdom and healing to flow in.

The primary purpose of trance mediumship is healing. This isn't just about physical ailments but encompasses emotional, psychological, and spiritual wounds. The connection with spirits can provide solace, closure, and profound insights into life's challenges. Imagine speaking to a departed loved one, hearing their comforting words, or gaining clarity about unresolved issues. This healing transcends the material, reaching deep into the soul.

In a world often plagued by chaos and uncertainty, trance mediumship offers a tranquil haven. It's a reminder that we are not alone on our life journey and that healing extends beyond the physical. It's about the restoration of the soul, the mending of broken hearts, and the illumination of our spiritual path.

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