Simple Ways to Use Bay Leaves in Wicca

By M. Gardner

Bay leaves are a popular ingredient in many magick spells. They have been used throughout the ages to burn, chew or inhale during spells and rituals. They are very versatile in their use and would be a highly recommended base herb in any Wiccan witch's apothecary collection or spell kit. Let's explore some of the basic ways Bay Leaves are commonly used...


Bay Leaves are used for writing intentions, names, incantations, or single words in a ritual or spell. Quite often the leaves are burnt in a cauldron or open fire once they have been inscribed as a form of sending the intention or manifestation out to the spiritual world, this also completes the spell and seals the spell or ritual.


To enhance and induce psychic powers, prophetic visions and dreams, Bay Leaves are burnt on a charcoal block, slept with under the pillow or mattress, chewed, ingested in brews and the smoke of smoldering leaves inhaled.


Bay Leaves are hung in the home to protect the home from evil spirits. They are also carried or worn on one's self as an amulet for protection and to ward off negativity and harmful spirits.


Matters of the heart have long been addressed using Bay letters, love spells and rituals to find love, bring a new lover to your side or to help keep your lover under your charm.

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