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Spell kits can be used to amplify your wishes and desires in every day life. Spell kits are a powerful tool when focusing your energy on manifesting life changes.


This spell kit should be used to sever the ties with a person/place/experience you no longer want in your life, eg; ex partner, friend, ill-wisher or anyone that does not serve your highest good. It can also be used to sever the ties to places where you may have had a bad experience, traumatic memories or events.


Cutting ties with a toxic person or issue will free you from the negative/harmful energy that connects you to each other or a particular place or event.


The spell kit contains all items pictured including spell/incantation with instructions (Instructions are not replaceable or sold separately)


This spell is a handmade Purely Therapeutic product. Please use responsibly, what you send out to another will come back to you threefold. 

Cutting Ties Spell Kit

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