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Wealth, Prosperity, Good Luck Charm


The Feng Shui Coin is the bearer of harmony, serenity and good luck to all those who possess it.

The Feng Shui coins have always been a symbol of prosperity in Ancient China.


Pictures or paintings of Feng Shui coins hung in the home or office bring wealth and good fortune. Coins in pairs, 2 coins together represents money, wealth comes in 'to' easy and money will flow easily in 'to' the home. 


The gold coins and symbols are raised and the paint is textured, giving it a unique and interesting appearance. 


This picture is hand-painted in Bali. The painted material is attached to a light-weight wooden frame.


This Feng Shui Double Coin wall hanging measures approximately 50cm long x 20cm wide x 2cm deep.


*Balinese wares may have imperfections allowing each piece to be unique as they are hand-made creations.


**You will receive this exact canvas

Double Feng Shui Coin Canvas Wall Hanging (H)

Excluding GST
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