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3 boxes ~ 1 of each variety



Dragon’s Blood resin is used to increase the potency and power with its strong herbal and spicy fragrance.  Dragon’s blood resin has been used for thousands of years in India as part of rituals to drive evil and negativity away.



For thousands of years Frankincense has been known by the ancient world for its healing and spiritual properties.  At one time Frankincense was considered to be more valuable than gold.  Burning Frankincense creates an enchanting atmosphere that that helps enhance meditation, reduce stress and tension, and uplift one spiritually.



Fortify and revitalize your mood with Myrrh resins to purify atmosphere and promote healing. Use Myrrh in your prayers and meditation to promote inspirational and emotional insight

3x 30g~Dragons Blood, Frankincense, Myrrh Resin

Excluding GST
  • A box measures approximately: 7.3cm in length, 10.5cm in height and 2.3cm in width.

    Hem brand resin.

    *Accessories not included.

    **All photos are the property of Purely Therapeutic and are not to be used without our permission.

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