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The 'Bagua' mirror is a very powerful protection tool for your home.

Hung outside above any entry point such as the front door, garden gate, pergola, verandah, window, will deflect any negative energy or poison arrows facing your home.


What we mean by negative energy or poison arrows:

- T-intersections

- Corner of a building/structure

- Power boxes, stations

- Traffic

- Cemetery

- Industrial buildings

- Noisy neighbours.


This 'Bagua' mirror is double sided.


On one side there are Chinese zodiac animals; Rat, Boar, Dog, Rooster, Monkey, Sheep, Horse, Snake, Dragon, Rabbit, Tiger and Ox surround the eight sided shape of the 'Bagua' (octagon).


The eight sides each represent a different section of the 'Bagua'.

These are;

- Love & Relationship

- Career

- Family

- Creativity & Children

- Knowledge & Wisdom

- Fame & Reputation

- Helpful People/Travel.


In the middle the Yin/Yang symbol (meaning balance & harmony) is the ninth center of the 'Bagua'. The ninth center represents Health & Well being.


The other side surrounding the mirror are symbols meaning; Wealth, Health, Family, Creativity, Protection and Career.


The red cord and tassels represent; power, good luck, good fortune and wealth.


The mirror is metal and measures approximately 33cm in entire length. Metal mirror piece alone measures 7cm wide.


*Pictured are examples of where the 'Bagua' mirror should be hung.

Feng Shui Bagua Mirror

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