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We have put together this pack to cleanse and restore the positive energy back into your own home or perhaps a new house you are moving to. Ideal gift for a housewarming.

This pack comes complete with instructions on where each item inside the pack should be placed for maximum 'chi' energy.


This pack contains:

- 1x Bagua Mirror

- 1x Citrine Gemstone

- 1x Raw Rose Quartz Gemstone

- 1x Agate Gemstone Wind Chime (the wind chime you will receive will be a random colour of either: Grey, Purple, Aqua or Pink. You do not get a choice). Measures approx. 45cm in entire length.

- 1x Small White Sage Smudge Stick

- 1x Feng Shui Coins

- 2x Packets of Incense

- 1x Inspirational Quote Magnet (the magnet you will receive will be a random style of either the peacock feather design or the flower design, as pictured).

- 1x Instructions(Instructions are not replaceable or sold separately)


If you require more info about the contents of this pack please message us.


Color may vary slightly due to mobile devices

*Accessories NOT included.

**All photos and videos of our products are the property of Purely Therapeutic and are not permitted to be used without our consent.

Harmonious Home & Restoration Pack

Excluding GST
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