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Hematite is an earthy stone used for grounding and protecting the physical and astral bodies. It harmonizes the mind, body and spirit.


Hematite is a stone for the mind. It quietens a chaotic mind to bring order, structure and clarity to thought processes. Used to balance yin-yang energies and assists in a higher meditative state.

Used in the treatment of circulatory and nervous system disorders and to heal breaks and fractures.

Birthstone of: Aries, Aquarius.
Chakra: Base.


Measuring approximately 2-2.5cm in length at longest point.


*The gemstone you receive will be of varying size/shape/colour to the gemstones pictured as each piece is unique in natural colouring/markings/size/shape.


Please refer to picture of gemstones held in hand as a guide for visual size.


The price for this item is for 1 gemstone only. BUY IN BULK TO SAVE ON POSTAGE!!

Hematite Gemstone

Excluding GST
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