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Pendulums are used for dowsing. Dowsing is one of the oldest intuitive talents. Dowsing is basically asking a clear 'yes' or 'no' question and awaiting the 'yes' or 'no' answer motion from your pendulum. Pendulums are a practical spiritual tool used for healing, dowsing and divination.


Perfect addition to your Reiki healings!

The Cho-Ku-Rei symbol is the 'Power Energy Symbol'


Pendulum alone measures approx. 4.7cm-5cm long, entire pendulum (including chain) measures approx. 27cm long.


Pendulum features a gemstone bead consisting of either; Rose Quartz, Jasper or Clear Quartz on the end of the chain to hold between the fingers when dowsing. T


he therapeutic qualities of Jasper are: brings tranquility & wholeness, stress support, dream recall, absorbs negative energy, cleanses & aligns chakras & the aura, balances yin & yang, aligns physical, emotional & mental bodies, supports the circulatory, digestive & sexual organs, re-energizes the body, facilitates shamanic journeys.


*Gemstone pendulum piece will vary slightly in width and length as they are hand carved.

Jasper Cho-Ku-Rei Pendulum

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