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Valentine's Day has always been marketed as a day for couples but we like to break all the rules and make it for anyone and everyone, with or without a partner!


We have created a pack for 1 or 2 people to enjoy at anytime, Valentine's Day or not.


What's inside your organza drawstring bag: 

Kaamasutra Incense (20 sticks inside the box)

100ml Herbal Kamasutra Massage Oil (with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E)

Pink Candle with a Rose Quartz Gemstone (attached)

Handmade 'Trailing Heart's lead crystal phone charm (also used on bags, USB drives, zips, etc)


Measurements of items are:

Incense packet is 25cm long

Massage Oil bottle is 13cm high (see picture 4. Oil comes packaged, see picture 1, 2, 3)

Pink candle measures 10cm long

Rose Quartz gemstone is approximately 2cm long (each gemstone will vary is size and shape due to their natural formation)

Handmade phone charm measures approximately 11.5cm long


'Love Me' Pack

Excluding GST
  • The Kamasutra herbal massage oil is formulated with the blends of natural essential oils and infused with herbal goodness, this aromatic masage oil works beautifully for the body, mind and soul.


    Regular application is not only good for skin nourishment, but also goes a long way in alleviating stress. You will love this non-greasy texture and how it leaves your skin soft, supple and glowing.


    The erotic scent heightens sexual experiences and to attract a mate. Kamasutra has a soothing fragrance that stimulates human mood to romance.

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