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These protection Besom Brooms are handmade by us. Each broom will be unique as they are handcrafted. We have bound all the necessary ingredients to the broom to amplify it's power.


We have designed these brooms to be your protective amulet, to protect you, your home and your family. The broom should be hung above your entry way on the inside of your doorway, bristles facing skyward to keep in all the protection, good energy, etc. within the broom.


Your broom can also be placed on the inside of your bedroom door to ward off nightmares and protect you while you sleep.


Each broom comes complete with instructions and information about how the broom and each piece bound to the broom works for you.(Instructions are not replaceable or sold separately)


Broom is handmade from Heather. Measures approx. 19-20cm long x 9-14cm wide x 1cm thick.


*Please note: The Rosemary attached to these brooms is dried and will be fragile. You can replace and add herbs of your choice to personalize your broom.


**All photos, descriptions/text in listings are copyrighted to Purely Therapeutic on all websites and are NOT be used without our permission.

Protection Besom Broom~Black

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