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A powerful amulet for protection and transformation.

Salt for protection and 100% genuine snake skin shed for transformation.


Combined in this glass vial is everything you require to release and protect yourself whilst you transform and shed; old habits, relationships, energy, ties/cords, issues that no longer serve your highest good.


Salt brings protection, eg. psychic attack, whilst this transformation is occurring.


The glass vial is on adjustable cord and is suitable for male or female.


Glass vial measures 2.9cm in length.


*Glass vial is sealed.


Necklace comes packaged as per photo 2 with brief information on reverse side of packaging about the necklace.



**All photos, descriptions/text in listings are copyrighted to Purely Therapeutic on all websites and are NOT be used without our permission.

Protection/Transformation Spell Amulet Necklace

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