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In this Reiki Symbol pack you will receive:


1 x Dai Ko Myo Enlightenment Incense Sticks
1 x Sei Hei Ki Purification Incense Sticks
1 x Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Timelessness Incense Sticks
1 x Cho Ku Rei Healing Incense Sticks
1 x Raku Grounding Incense Sticks


REI (ray) KI (kee) is the Universal Life Energy, Spiritual Consciousness, All-Knowing. It is the breath, Life force of the Vital Radiant Energy.


Goloka brings to you the traditional Indian incense to promote well being and alleviate your mood to experience oneness with the divine self. Light these Speciality Incense and Experience BLISS.

Hand rolled in India. Packet is approximately 15g and contains up to approximately 15 sticks of incense (quantity of sticks may vary as this product is based on weight when packaged not quantity).


Packet measures approximately 22.5cm in length x 13cm high.


*You will receive 5 packets of incense in this listing


**All photos of our products are the property of Purely Therapeutic and are not permitted to be used without our consent. Any/all accessories in photos are not included.

Reiki Symbol Pack of 5 Incense

Excluding GST
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