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Selenite is used for connecting and accessing the angelic realms. It opens the crown chakra, brings clarity of mind for clear decision making, helps to access relevant past life information linked to present life direction/situations. Bringer of deep peace, particularly in meditation and spiritual work.


A rod or wand can be used to remove negative energies/entities from the aura and also cleansing the aura when swept over and around a person. Wearing a Selenite gemstone will assist in aura cleansing also.


An excellent gemstone for protective gridding of your home or property. Place in the home to create a peaceful atmosphere.


Allows one to gain insight as to the solution/remedy to illness/disorders of the physical body. Aids in spinal issues, cellular regeneration, great for cancerous/tumor growths. Great for stabilizing and dispersing erratic emotions, bringing subconscious issues to the conscious mind for better understanding.




Birthstone of: Taurus.


Measuring approximately 3cm in length and 2.2cm in width.


*This listing is for 1 gemstone only, not all that are pictured. The gemstone you receive will be of varying size/shape/colouring to the gemstones pictured as each piece is unique in natural colouring/markings/size/shape. Please refer to picture of gemstones held in hand as a guide for visual size.

Selenite Gemstone

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