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Goddess Kundalini is represented as a serpent sleeping coiled at the base chakra. She is a symbol of our connection to the Divine Feminine, the soul waiting to fulfill its highest potential. As the energy rises upward through the chakras toward the crown chakra, the feminine and masculine unite also joining the creative and sexual energies.


The Green Aventurine gemstone ring represents the heart chakra, the 'I am' connection to Source 'All That Is'. Goddess is also positioned in the heart chakra united with the ever-flowing unconditional love in which we were born from and will leave into.

Serpent Goddess Kundalini Sun Catcher

Excluding GST
  • She measures 15cm from top bead to bottom octagon.
    The entire length measures approximately: 41cm
    Lovingly designed and handmade by Purely Therapeutic
    *All photos and text/description is the property of Purely Therapeutic and not to be used without our permission.
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